Prototype Solar Cell Materials

Prototype Solar Cell Materials

Here at Wising Century Solartech Limited we are developing a novel new fabric, a fabric that can generate electricity. We foresee a need for baggage and clothing that is able to generate significant electricity to power the kinds of devices out in the field. We foresee jackets for doctors, paramedics and the military, which are able to power small devices for all kinds of applications from communication to location aware GPS devices.

The technology we have developed will even work in overcast conditions, we have created a solar cell that will work in low-light conditions and are able to power up to five traditional small portable devices. Obviously there is not enough energy to power something as energy hungry as a defibrillator, but as we move towards portable computers which no longer use mechanical hard drives and we move towards solid state drives which require less energy we are now close to being able to run such computers from one of our prototype solar cells.

Painting on a Power Supply

One of the most exciting developments we are working on is a paint that can be applied to a surface that will generate electricity. The opportunities this product could provide are almost limitless. We see a future where no matter where you are you could lay down a layer of solar paint. The paint uses a memory material of carbon Flourographene that lays itself down in a specific latticework to form a framework. Onto this framework, our researchers are working on attaching CIGS molecular compounds. In effect as the ‘paint’ dries, the memory effect leaves a layer of carbon beneath a layer of the CIGS compounds. The CIGS elements produce electrons from their photovoltaic effect, which are carried along the carbon Flourographene framework to be collected at a single pick up point.

Moving Towards a Product

We are already working with some charities and security services that are interested in our technologies for solar cell material; the solar paint is at prototype stage and ready for in the field tests. We are also looking for investors who would like to get in early on this exciting new technology. We believe we have the potential to bring low cost energy to the world.

Painting the Future

Imagine solar energy solutions for that span further than the normal dynamics of commercial buildings, residential and solar coverings in wide expanses for energy corporations. Our current manufactured products are able to cover landfills and reservoirs, and have the capabilities to integrate solar into windows and facades in all environments. With the integration of our new and diverse products, we will be able to present the answer and solution for many applications that exist today, and many more to come. In our minds, the integration possibilities are limitless and Wising Century Solartech Limited imagination and innovation will continue to meet the challenge of cost-effectively integrating power solutions to the world.

Wising Century Solartech Limited will enter a large market with a significant cost advantage in Wearable tech and Solar Paint

The global photovoltaic market is currently expanding upwards of $35 billion per year, with a rapid growth rate of 10% and delivering high net margins. An economic analysis, based upon current research, indicates that a Wising Century Solartech Limited new innovative products can be produced at a cost well below that of current silicon based photovoltaic technology.

Wising Century Solartech Limited products will take a large share of existing photovoltaic markets due to its low cost of delivered energy compared to electricity generated from coal and gas, and will penetrate the wider consumer market with its wearable tech that will resolve personal consumption issues. CIGS and solar paints development path includes a true solar paint that might be applied to virtually any surface, completely changing how the lowest cost energy will be generated in the future.

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