WC Solartech DG Project J.V in Xingtai City

Press Release Date: July 27, 2014

Already a new distributed generation solar project in China’s Xingtai City will see Wising Century Solartech partner to deliver 600MW of solar energy to residents at a cost of US$968.9 million.

As part of a newly announced joint venture arrangement with fellow China-based, Hareon Solar Technology Co, SolarTech Energy has entered into a binding agreement with Xingtai City officials in Hebei province, to develop a distributed generation (DG) rooftop project for the city’s residents at a cost of 6 billion Yuan, US$968.9 million.

The first phase of the project’s framework agreement calls for WC Solartech and Hareon Solar Technology Co to install 300MW of rooftop solar stations, each of which will require the involvement of local government co-ordination on the matters of leasing and grid connection issues, according to a statement released by WC Solartech. Project timelines for the implementation of the first phase of the project were not disclosed and are expected to be forthcoming shortly.

Distributed solar generation via rooftop projects are quickly becoming a key market in China for PV companies such as Wising Century Solartech, since the setting out policies on the matter by the Chinese central government at the beginning of the year. However, only recently have major distributed generation programs begun to come to fruition and be announced due to the complexity of the DG market in regards to leasing rights of private residences.

“Projects like this one that we and Hareon Solar Technology Co are working together on in Xingtai City, mark a turning point in the solar energy market in China, helped in no small part by the introduction of new policies by the P.R.C government in regards to the implementation of distributed generation projects. We believe that a successful rollout of the project in Xingtai will be seen as an example of the great benefits that cities can provide for their residents utilizing rooftop solar plants as part of a combined energy grid, bringing about improvements in air quality, space usage and overall reduced electricity rates, in addition to the possibility of direct subsidies for supplying energy greater than that used at a residence,” remarked a spokesman for Wising Century Solartech.