Solar Energy Capacity in The U.K Nearly Doubled in 2014

Press Release Date: January 26, 2015

Over the last twelve months the U.K.’s solar energy infrastructure nearly doubled in size according to figures unveiled by The Department of Energy and Climate Change.

In what the Solar Trade Association (STA) is hailing as a milestone achievement for the industry in the U.K. Installed solar photovoltaic capacity has increased dramatically up from just 2.8GW at the start of 2014 to around 5GW by the year’s end, a rise that sees solar power almost doubled with the addition of 650,000 new installations ranging from commercial solar farm operations to panels on residential home and apartments. The figures showed that there were 125,000 homes fitted with solar panels last year, with the STA stating that the UK now had enough solar energy generating capacity to supply the equivalent energy needs of 1.5 million homes.

The chief executive of the STA, Paul Barwell praised the efforts of British solar energy companies in achieving the record setting growth, while noting that Britain’s solar energy companies, which number in the range of several thousand, the majority of which are SMEs, have through recent advances in technology coupled with decreasing installation costs have brought solar energy to the forefront of adoption strategies for clean energy.

More and more in the U.K solar power is being cited as being the most popular form of clean energy generation and industry analysts believe that it could additionally help to provide around 50,000 jobs by as early as 2030 under the right conditions. In London, a city not famed for its sunny weather, installed P.V infrastructure already generates 65% of Madrid’s solar energy output, though this is aided by the fact that solar panels are more efficient in cooler climates.

“As we begin 2015 with our industry still stretched to capacity by skyrocketing demand it is extremely pleasing to look back and acknowledge some of the record breaking achievements that have been set. The U.K is now on the right path to seeing solar power become as economical in large scale power supply situations as natural gas by 2020, an achievement that would have taken a very brave forecast to make only a couple of years ago” noted Mr. Raymond Ho ,Wising Century Solartech’s V.P of Investment Relations and Outreach.